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Цена действительна с Сб 10 мар 2018 - Сб 07 апр 2018

Exceptional in Courchevel, it’s about ski of course, Ski with a capital letter. But it is also about these timeless moments, fully enjoying and keeping only the very best, with stars in your eyes…

Endless slopes and a shining sun… the best of ski is right here in Courchevel and on the 3 Valleys ski area. The world’s largest ski area is unfolding to you, right under your skis. All you need to do is enjoy…Tree skiing, off slopes, mythic itineraries; an extraordinary playground is waiting for you.

But here, it’s also about the best of gastronomy, as you can see from the prestigious tables and the 8 starred restaurants…
Lunch break becomes unique at the Farçon one-starred restaurant, where each dish is a delight both for your eyes and your mouth. The chef Julien Machet will know how to make you spend a high-level culinary moment.

And since it would be a shame not to shake things up a little, also stop by the Azimut, the charming starred restaurant in Le Praz: in a cosy atmosphere, you will savour a fine and delicate cuisine, surprising by its originality…

Excellence, whether it is on the slopes or in the plate, is the keyword of your stay with your lover or with you friends to share a timeless moment, head in the stars!

Your package includes:
- 7 nights in a hotel (choose among various offers)
- A 6-day ski pass for the 3 Valleys per person
- A lunch at Le Farçon* restaurant
- A lunch or dinner at Azimut* restaurant

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