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От 113 EUR

Цена действительна с Сб 10 мар 2018 - Сб 07 апр 2018

A little bit of skiing, a lot of relaxing, a magical and gastronomic moment… to spend some quality time with your lover and enjoy a bubble of wellness!

Just picture yourself for a second… The two of you spending the day on the slopes, enjoying pristine snow and sunny weather… Just the two of you on the chairlift marvelling at the spectacular landscape. Let the squeaking of your skis be your guide. The entire 3 Valleys ski area opens to you, all you have to do is enjoy…

When the slopes close, there’s no way we’re gonna let you go! Let’s head to the aquatic centre Aquamotion to live an unbelievable moment of wellness right in the mountains.

Swim, jump, slide, get a massage, relax, heat up… a wave of fullness is waiting for you! Enjoy the steam room, sauna, caldarium, take a break in the grotto, spend an incredible moment in the outdoor lagoon with a view on the mountain tops covered by snow… under the stars!

And for a moment of true happiness, step in the Azimut… This charming starred gourmet restaurant welcomes you for lunch or dinner to enjoy a delicious time to share around a fine cuisine.
In Courchevel, that’s for sure, we love you!

Your package includes:
- 7 nights in a studio, apartment or chalet (Make your choice among our different offers)
- A 6-day 3 Valleys ski pass
- Unlimited access to Aquamotion (aquacentre + wellness)
- A tasty lunch or diner at the starred restaurant* L’Azimut

*Price based on a full occupancy of 4

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