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От 59 EUR

Price/person/day based on 5 people Valid for all 7-night stays from 7th of July to 1st of September 2018.
Цена действительна с Сб 07 июл 2018 - Сб 01 сен 2018

Have you heard of «easy» mountain biking? Welcome to the age of electric MTBs, which is most definitely riding high at the moment! Now you can reach the mountaintops effortlessly, with very little pedalling. A picnic at La Saulire, a bike ride in the neighbouring resorts, a pleasant uphill ride through the forest… the possibilities are endless!

Your offer includes:
- apartment accommodation (7 days)
- bike hire (5 days)
- 1 full day supervised 3 Vallées bike session (including supervision and bike hire)

The Mtb's bike hire and the supervised bike session are suitable to kids from 12/13 years old.

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