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COURCHEVEL AVENTURE: Multisliding Cocktail (from 4 people)

Адрес: Maison de La Montagne La Croisette, 73120 Courchevel Показать на карте

Адрес: Maison de La Montagne La Croisette, 73120 Courchevel

Share a real moment of conviviality with you family and friends!
Meeting point at the private and secure Base Camp to immerse yourself in the joys of snowmobile, and discover the snow gliding with different sledges.


On the superb track with bends, obstacles, stands, slopes and jumps you will learn how to handle these genuine 500 CC machines. No need to be an professional pilot, but pay attention. The final result will be discussed around a mulled wine caldron.

Circuit and equipment: length of the track is approx. 700 meters with bends, obstacles, slopes, overtaking zones and pit-stops. 4 or 6 two-seater (or single) 500 cc YAMAHA snow scooters (55 CV) with feet and hand heaters + children snowscooters (from 6 years old). Compulsory helmets for each participant. 1 snow scooter in reserve and 1 snow scooter for supervision and security

Discover a parallel slalom on unusual machines:

- The trotiskis: an articulated machine (the width of a snow board) with handlebars to steer. Easy to use, these machines give you new sensations. If you are in difficulties, we can replace the snow-boots with traditional toboggans.

- The sliding snakes are toboggans linked together and allow descents of groups of two to fifteen people at the same time: an unusual activity with amazing sensations.

- The paret is a wooden object that you sit on, holding on to a post with which you steer as well. Highly emotional moments.

- We also have monoslides, the latest progeny of the paret; where speed and direction are controlled by your feet.

- Last but not least our newest activity is the air board (snow hydrospeed) which offers exhilarating sensations: lying on a floater, equipped with a helmet, participants go head first down our track. An impression of extraordinary speed in total safety.

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