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4 mornings group ski lessons - Adults from 13 years old

Дата: Воскресенье 8 апр 2018 - понедельник 9 апр 2018

For adults who would like to enjoy the pleasures of Courchevel and its new horizons.

Select your level:
- Beginner: Never been on skis before
- Class 1: Holders of the "1er ski" qualification; able to complete snowplough turns.
- Class 2: Holders of the "Class 1"; able to complete a series of elementary turns (converging skis, sideslipping with the skis parallel at the end of the turn) and starting to sideslip.
- Class 3: Holders of the "Class 2" qualification; able to descend in a basic parallel turn, complete a basic high-speed turn and control sideslipping.
- Class 4:Holders of the "Class 3" qualification; able to complete perfect parallel turns, who are also completely comfortable with high-speed turns and have some experience of skiing in all kinds of snow and terrain.

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