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ESF 1550: Group ski lessons - Children between 3 and 12 years old

Адрес: ESF-1550 Courchevel Village Rue des Rois, 73120 Courchevel Village Показать на карте

Адрес: ESF-1550 Courchevel Village Rue des Rois, 73120 Courchevel Village

For children who wish to learn to ski, from 3 years old.

Instructors of ESF Courchevel Village know how to give child confidence to progress at his/her own pace, in a team spirit.
Your child will imrpove his/her skills and his/her level will be officially recognized by every ESF and rewarded with a medal.

Select his/her level:
- Piou-Piou: He/She is between 3 and 5 years old and has never been on skis before.
- Ourson: He/She recognises his/her ski equipment. He/She can move around on skis in different ways over varied but almost flat terrain and can ski with skis parallel straight downhill and stop using a snowplough turn.
- Flocon: He/She holds the Ourson. He/She can control his/her speed and cross the fall line using snowplough turns.
- 1ère Étoile: He/She holds the Flocon. He/She Can complete a series of elementary sideslip turns and is starting to be able to sideslip.
- 2ème Étoile: He/She holds the 1ère Etoile. He/She can complete a series of smooth elementary turns, crossing the fall line with skis parallel and can complete turns with an uphill swing.
- 3ème Étoile: He/She holds the 2ème Etoile. He/She can complete a series of short- and medium-radius basic turns with skis parallel, can maintain his/her balance in a schuss and is improving his/her lateral balance using successions of sideslips interspersed with direct traversing lines (garlands).
- Étoile de Bronze: He/She holds the 3ème Etoile. He/She can complete smoother basic turns by reducing sideslip, can ski using high-speed and broad turns and is getting used to skiing in all kinds of snow.

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